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Bernhard & Jacqueline Westermayer, P.A.
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… because it’s got the Ultimate Lifestyle!

Miami is where the ultra-wealthy congregate, work, invest, enjoy life and spend their leisure time. Popular by demand from celebrities and jetsetters from all over the world, Miami not only boasts spectacular sandy beaches, picturesque waterfronts and the simple yet ultimate luxury of year-round sunny weather but also a wealth of high-end fashion houses, a collection of the world’s finest residential buildings crafted by luxury brands, lavish oceanfront hotels and an impressive variety of globally celebrated events. Innovation lives here! … and actually moves here from Crypto giants to investment banking firms and upcoming start-ups, from promising artists to some of the trendiest Chefs in the culinary field. Miami IS the Ultimate Luxury.

Whether you are considering to sell your luxury residence, playing with the thought of moving to South Florida or just want to dream and browse through some of the biggest mansions – WE WELCOME YOU TO OUR WEBSITE !
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“Always focused on win-win relationships, we became a trusted go-to source with business-partners and clients. We believe in our very detail-oriented, forward-thinking work style. Keeping things simple and easily understandable is the key to growing a business! We are committed to the highest level of service, privacy and confidentiality.”
A native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Jacqueline has grown up in Miami and loves the South Florida Lifestyle. She enjoys spending time on the beach and exploring new destinations with her family.
Selling Florida’s Luxury Lifestyle is nothing new to Bernhard – he has been actively negotiating deals with some of the world’s most prestigious Hotels and Resorts for almost 20 years. Moving to Miami from Vienna, Austria he figured out pretty quickly that daily Sunshine equals Happiness.

We are looking forward to working with you!

Bernhard & Jacqueline Westermayer, P.A.
Creators of UltimateLuxuryMiami.com
LHB Team / Lokation Real Estate
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